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Julie & Jesse - Designers - JAHOKO

Hong Kong based designers with passion for uniqueness

The Hong Kong based art and design studio, Julie and Jesse, is founded by the Swiss designer Julie Progin and USA artist Jesse Mc Lin. Their work often takes its point of departure in experimental ceramic explorations which leads to unique and beautiful designs. The designer duo wishes to capture, document and present a moment in time and place and their designs can be considered comments to the present and how they experience it.

Fragments Bottle Series – an exploration of renewal and reinvention

Fragments is a story about celebrating and rebuilding, what would have otherwise been discarded. Julie and Jesse have created the special edition of 72 porcelain bottles by making a new ceramic production mould out of six old moulds. The moulds were found in an abandoned bottle production facility in Jingdezen – known as the Chinese capital of porcelain. Each time the mould was used, its physical deterioration created new and unique traits in the finished product and the resemblance to the original becomes less evident.

Furthermore, a fragment or two on each ceramic piece is decorated with a splash of traditional coloured glaze from the area of Jingdezen.


Let your fantasy light up the room

Playful porcelain candle holders that can be styled in innumerable ways to fit your preferations. You can stack them, mix them or enjoy them one at a time – it is up to you. When designing this candle holders, Julie and Jesse were inspired by nature and the more you play with putting them together in different ways, the more you will start appreciating the connections between the forms.

Fragments Bottels from JAHOKO

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