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We care for the environment and for lasting design. Therefore, one of our visions at JAHOKO is to be sustainable.

We carefully select ceramic items from Japan, Hong Kong and Korea that are timeless aesthetic, of high quality and functional. We value the design process and the time it takes for the designers to create lasting ceramic items. Furthermore, we seek to collaborate with designers who share our vision of sustainable products and who are able to balance between technology and traditional ceramic production.

The handpicked ceramic items we sell at JAHOKO are designed for every day use and we expect them to last for years to come. To maintain the beauty of the ceramics - that evolves gradually with use - we recommend you to read the product care.  

We are proud to present the special and unique edition of ceramic art pieces Fragment(s) made by Julie & Jesse. Fragment(s) is an invitation to think about production processes and turning serial production into one-of-a-kind products.

The ceramic items from Japan, Hong Kong and Korea are packed in gift boxes made of recycled materials and some of the boxes are made by recycled wood and can be used for others purposes.

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