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Kaichiro Yamada

JOHOKO - the Unkai bowl and plate

Kaichiro Yamada - A JAHOKO designerJapanese designs with inspiration from nature

Kaichiro Yamada graduated from Musashino Art University in 1997. He is passionate about giving life to the spaces we surround ourselves with and in his work there are many references to nature and the unique aesthetics of Japanese culture.

Kaichiro designs and produces his ceramics in the pottery town Tajimi. Pottery has been part of the towns’ history for a long time and back in the 1970’s, the river Toki, which runs through Tajimi, was milky white with potter’s clay. Beautiful mountains and forest surround Tajimi and inspire the ceramic designer, Kaichiro.

Give your mornings a touch of zen

One of the special ceramic series from Kaichiro Yamada is ‘Cekitay’. The designer was inspired by the neatness and calmness of a Zen garden. The curves, lines and colours in these ceramics depict the newly raked sand and the stone settings in a peaceful Zen garden. With its matte finish and soft shadows in sandy white and stone colours, the ceramics create a beautiful and unique expression on your morning table.

Cekitay plate and cup from JAHOKO

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