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Product care

We hope for you to keep your items from JAHOKO for many years to come. Please read these guidelines for knowledge about optimal product care.


Care in general                 

Please notice that every single item in the online shop is marked In regards to whether it is dishwasher safe or should be hand washed.

Make sure to wipe the items well and let them dry completely before storing them.

JAHOKO recommends hand wash for the items with gold dots and gold patterns even if the glaze is dishwasher safe.

JAHOKO recommends that you follow the washing instructions for optimal care and to maintain the beauty of the products.  


Care of candle holders

The candle holders require special attention and care.

The material is porcelain. Do not let ordinary candles burn to the end. The heat can make the candle holder crack.

Always burn candle holders on a fireproof base.

Never leave a candle burn unattended.


Care of plates

Knives that are pressed hard against the surface of the ceramic plates are the biggest reason for unflattering wear. This can cause scratches and spots, which cannot be removed by regular washing.

The olive green cactus plates from Korea are not glazed. This makes the surface fragile and cutlery can more easily cause spots and scratches.

Cetikay plates from Japan are fragile too because of their matte finish and the texture of the lines.


Care of Sushi

To maintain the colorfull lids of the Sushi series, JAHOKO recommends hand wash. The white porcelain bowl is dishwasher safe.


Use of Fragments                

The unique vases and bottles are ceramic art pieces. Not useful for flowers and water.

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