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Sushi Nigiri - Egg

sushi skåle fra Korea
sushi skål til soya - koreansk design
sjov indpakning sushi skåle
Nigiri sushi bowls korean design
140,00 DKK

Black and Yellow!

The small porcelain sushi containers are originally designed for soy sauce and the colourful lid can be used as chopstick rests. The inspiration for the design is, not surprisingly, found in the traditional sushi kitchen. In stead of just using the bowls for soy sauce, you can also use them for spices, salt, oil or dressings.  

Feeling extra rebellious? Use the small container for your favorite jewelry.

This is the perfect gift for a host or hostess, if you wish to give something a bit more interesting than flowers.

Size: 4,2 cm x 7,5 cm x 3,4 cm

Hand wash the lid to keep the color. 

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