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ReiRABO oval plate - off shore blue

ReiRABO oval plate - off shore blue
350,00 DKK

This series consists of several oval plates.

The glaze "Irabo" is a traditional glaze within ceramic history. Irabo glaze was introduced to Japan from Korea in the 15th century. 

The oval plate are turned into a modern product with the same kind of texture and shapes designed to be easy to use for dining.

The name of the series,“RelRABO” is inspired by the "Irabo" glaze.

The aesthetically design and glaze is very well integrated with all kind of food. 

Use it for all types of cuisine.

The amazing blue color brings a pleasure to the meal. 

 Available in 2 sizes:

Size L W 30,9 cm x D 19,8 cm x H 4 cm

Size M W 23,3 cm x D 15 cm x H 3,5 cm

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