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SUMU coffee spoon set of 3 - black

SUMU coffee spoon set of 3 - black
Zirconia bestik keramisk materiale lavet i Japan. Sort eller hvid. Her ses hvordan bestikket produceres på fabrikken i Japan.
3 black zirconia coffee spoons made in Japan - available at JAHOKO
japanese tablesetting - black bowl and light blue plate. handmade in JAPAN. Added zirconia cutlery in black and white from Japan. Buy online at JAHOKO
zirconia is derived from minerals its hardness is next to diamond. Zirconia is composed of two kind of crystals. Buy the beautiful japanese cutlery made of zirconia at JAHOKO.COM
1.250,00 DKK

SUMU is a Japanese awarded exclusive cutlery series utilizing zirconia.  

Zirconia is ceramics sintered at a high temperature of approximately 1,400 °C.

High end design and quality.

Set of 3 coffee spoons - elegant black. 

The smooth finish and thin shape of zirconia at the tip make it easy to catch a dish, and the smooth texture and smoothness of the mouth make it easy to focus on the taste of the dish.

Zirconia cutlery, which is matte and soft and reflective, will add calm to the dining scene.

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